Showgirls Bejeweled!

Bold, sparkling, and fun, Dolce Gabbana’s famous bodysuits are unforgettable. Closing the Spring 2012 RTW show with a bang, these jeweled corsets exuded a playful, optimistic energy, with an undeniable daring quality. This garment, which has a long history with the brand, has appeared on the runway, in magazines, and on celebrities. It makes a significant presence. It lacks simplicity and relishes in its unique flavor!

This bustier-like bodice is truly beautiful in its colorful embellishments and its eye-catching appeal. Colors of pink, red, green, yellow, gold, black, blue, and purple. Shapes of circles, rectangles, ovals, and triangles. The diversity and creativeness is evident! With a showgirl like appeal, these artistic pieces look as if they were made for the theatre. With their sparkling, alluring quality, it is as if an actress was singing and dancing on a warm, bright stage.

If one of these inventive, inviting corsets had to be my favorite, it would definitely be the one above. Adorning its fabric are rich jewels with a thrilling symmetrical pattern. Extravagantly decorated, the color, the richness, and the flavor of this lingerie piece is impeccable. There is even an addition of a peplum-like circular shape to the waist. There is an inescapable quality of beauty and wonder in this piece. The detailing is exquisite. The artistic attributes are readily apparent. With a sheer midsection revealed, this loud corset is both thrilling and exciting!

Elaborately embellished, colorfully chic, and individually incredible, these confident Dolce and Gabbana lush corsets are electric, special, and most importantly, memorable!

Precisely Peplum and Pleats

Pretty pretty peplum and pretty pretty pleat, both of these structural designs are breathtaking and flourishing in their divine appeal. This spring, these captivating trends are making there way onto the runway, the red carpet, and in the streets. Whether it is a flared ruffle attached to a dress or a retro skirt achieving stylistic effects, both of these pieces are shining in their affinity to the past and daring recreation in the present.

The transformation of the peplum waist is remarkable. From its early Greek origins as a “tunic”, it has redeveloped into a design that is both flattering and beautiful. During the 19th C. and later on in the 1940’s, peplum was stylish in its enhancement to the women’s figure and grace. Changing from a short overskirt, to women’s suiting, to a now modern chic design, peplum is unique and functional. As shown above, peplums are flirty and feminine. Pinching at the waist and fluttering outward, these designs give off a fashionable allure and a whimsical quality. Skirt or dress, this is a must-see trend that must be worn!

*Side note: Try the peplum waist as a skirt or a dress! Dress it up with different materials and accessories! Have fun with it!

Pleated skirts are back. Loosely flowing on the runway, these lightweight pieces encorporate design, texture, and a hint of both femininity and boldness. From Prada to Rodarte, these timeless movable designs are effortless. Inspiration rising from the desire of cultural and social savoir-faire, these skirts exude suggestive appeal with a hint of reserve. In many different colors and with possible traces of metallic shine, pleated skirts are wonderful. Whether they have knife, accordion, fluted, or superfine pleats, these folded fabrics are perfect!

* Side Note: Pleats are wearable in many different ways. From scarfs to shorts, this trend can be worn on more than just fancy occasions!

Both of these trends are beautiful and stunning. Feminine, modish, and dashing, peplum and pleats have returned and are gracefully flowing into the fashion world for this spring.

In order of appearance: Jason Wu Spring RTW 2012, Prada Spring RTW 2012